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As infants, we learn to move by example, by observation and by trial and error. The movement and posture patterns most of us use simply evolve over time, given habits we learn, the vagaries of our bodies and the injuries we have incurred. While elite athletes know that efficient movement relates directly to level of performance, most of us give little thought to how we can move more efficiently or how inefficient movement may limit us and cause us pain.

At Insideout Movement Therapy, Charlotte addresses these issues by finding connections in the body to help clients move with ease and grace. The objective is always to develop movement patterns that require the least, and thus most efficient, effort. For those who have suffered an injury, rehabilitative movement education can help overcome or work around physical damage. With efficient movement comes a heightened sense of body awareness in how we move. Simply put, well-designed movement helps us feel better.

In educating her clients to move efficiently, Charlotte maintains the holistic, inside out approach. This involves targeting the core, not just the abdominal musculature, but the muscular, skeletal and neurological systems from the feet to the head.


We initiate or support movement from the core. The core supports us both when we move and when we are still. It contains the lines of communication to all parts of the body. Alignment of the skeletal components of the core is vital. Charlotte believes it important not only to develop core stability, but core intelligence - “smart muscles” that are only recruited when needed and with the appropriate intensity.

As a certified practitioner of The Pilates Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning, Charlotte relies heavily on The Method in the development movement programs for her clients. However, she also draws on her experience in a wide variety of related fields including yoga, Anatomy Trains and Myofascial Release, alignment principles, Hyperton-X, Hanna Somatics, Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais and Rolfing.

Movement programs developed by Charlotte for her clients involve movement exercises on mats or with Pilates equipment, gentle hands-on touch and imagery.
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