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    When I was fast approaching 60 and very aware of my lack of fitness, I was recommended by several friends to Pilates with Charlotte van Bassen. I now know it was the best exercise routine I could have started. Charlotte is quite remarkable with her breadth of knowledge of movement and the body, and her ability to encourage, inspire, and challenge one to a level of fitness I didn’t think I would be able to achieve.

I have been taking classes with her for several years now but her method of teaching with great patience and attention to detail in all the exercises, is always appropriate, fresh, and definitely never boring!. Plus the small classes mean Charlotte is able to help us all to get the best out of every session.
Caroline B.

  Five years ago a health care professional recommended that I do pilates with Charlotte van Bassen. At the time I was fifty-nine years old, limping, and suffering with stiffness and aches; the results of doing too much step aerobics and other gym activities without proper techniques and stretching. After only a few months of regular work with Charlotte I was pain free and learning a new way to care for my body so it will be as well as possible long into old age.

Charlotte is a special teacher who is constantly learning about how our bodies work. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I look forward to learning new ways to stay fit. She is patient and because the classes are small everyone gets individual attention.

A bonus for me is that because of better core strength and flexibility my golf swing has improved! Marilyn M


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