About Insideout

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    Welcome to the web site of Insideout Movement Therapy, Charlotte van Bassen’s practice of holistic body health. You may know Charlotte from other incarnations at Body Mechanics Fitness or V.I. Pilates. Insideout Movement Therapy represents another milestone on Charlotte’s journey to understanding the complex nature of the human body and how to help it heal itself.

The name Insideout Movement Therapy encapsulates Charlotte’s philosophy that whole body health begins from within and cannot be achieved from without. Charlotte works collaboratively with her clients on two levels to teach efficient, fluid movement and to use stillness to slow the body down. Charlotte’s primary tools are the Pilates Method and Yoga Synergy.

  The goal of Insideout Movement Therapy is to develop methods to allow clients to undertake the activities in their daily lives in ways that reduce pain and stress and promote efficient, graceful movement. Unlocking the ability to heal ourselves then helps make life the joyful experience it is meant to be.
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