A Cranio Session

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Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a joint endeavour between you and Charlotte. Initially you’ll discuss any physical symptoms, emotional or other concerns you may have.

Treatment itself is undertaken while you will lie fully clothed on a treatment table. After Charlotte settles her own nervous system, she will make hand contact with you on one or more areas of your body. These areas of contact are designed to assist your nervous system in mimicking Charlotte’s own slowed rhythms and thus help return you to a state of balance.


It’s a subtle but very profound therapeutic approach. Every client and every session is different and there is no plan. Craniosacral therapists refer to themselves as witnesses, or facilitators, of the process of the body slowly tapping its own innate, fluid intelligence to heal itself.

All sessions are from an hour to ninety minutes in length. It usually takes at least three sessions for you to form an understanding of how your body will respond to and benefit from craniosacral therapy.

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