Charlotte van Bassen

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Charlotte van Bassen is both a certified teacher of the Pilates Method and a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. She is passionate in her view that movement education based on Pilates combined with the stillness engendered by biodynamic craniosacral therapy are the yin and yang of whole body health.

Charlotte was first exposed to Pilates as a student in London, England in 1985. She began teaching there in 1991 and received her Pilates certification from The Pilates Centre London in 1993. Back in Canada, Charlotte opened the first Pilates studio in Greater Victoria in 1997. She was a founding member of the Canadian Pilates Association (now the Pilates Association of Canada) and has attended and given many related workshops in Canada and the United States.


Charlotte’s odyssey into the world of biodynamic craniosacral therapy began in 2001 through sessions with therapist Howard Jones in Richmond, BC. She was so inspired by the work that undertook a rigorous two year training program with renowned therapist Michael Shea of Juno Beach, FL. On completion of this course of study and her formal certification, she began the process of re-engineering her business to include both craniosacral therapy and movement education.

Charlotte has studied yoga as an avocation since 2001 and finds it a great complement to both the efficient movement and the inner stillness upon which Insideout Movement Therapy is based.

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